Party Arms Indian Women with Kitchen Knives and Chili Powder to Protect…

Following the brutal and fatal gang rape in New Delhi that shocked India and the world, the radical Hindu nationalist party Shiv Sena claims to have distributed 21,000 knives with three-inch blades to women in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. It plans to give out a total of 100,000 knives. » 1/26/13 2:30pm 1/26/13 2:30pm

The Most Batshit Reactions to Women in Combat

The Pentagon officially lifted the ban on women in combat on Wednesday. And the entire world applauded this historic move towards equality. Wait, no. That's not what happened at all. Rather, wingnuts and supposedly "moderate" conservatives came out of the woodwork in droves to slam the decision, which was merely a … » 1/25/13 2:40pm 1/25/13 2:40pm

The State Department Fights to Protect Americans From the Threat of…

In this post-9/11 Manti Te'o world, the last thing the U.S. Government wants to see is any American citizen become a victim of terrorism or an internet dating scam. So the State Department has taken some time out of its leisurely schedule to compile some tips on how to avoid getting your heart broken by a fake… » 1/24/13 5:45pm 1/24/13 5:45pm

A GIF Guide: Why Hillary Clinton is More Beloved than Joe Biden

I've always loved Joe Biden, whom I consider to be a major VPILF. America, however, prefers Hillary Clinton. A poll released Wednesday reveals that Clinton has a favorable-unfavorable rating of 67-26 percent, while Joe's rating is 48-37. The following GIF slideshow empirically demonstrates why Hillary owns Joe's ass. » 1/24/13 1:50pm 1/24/13 1:50pm

Things to Consider Before Sleeping With Your Ex

As you read this, countless people are considering, engaging in or cleaning up from sex with their exes. You dear reader, may just have sent a booty call to an ex-flame. Or maybe you just received one. Some of you, and you know who you are, are reading this in a post-ex-coitus haze. Ex-sex is something constant and… » 1/23/13 5:30pm 1/23/13 5:30pm

15 Dangerous and Deadly Methods Women Have Used When Abortion Is Illegal

News flash: Sex isn't going anywhere. Even people who don't like abortion need to recognize that unwanted pregnancies and abortion aren't going anywhere, either (especially, and frustratingly, and ironically when many "pro-life" "anti-choice" people oppose contraception and any kind of effective sex-ed). Here is a… » 1/23/13 10:50am 1/23/13 10:50am

How Jane Roe Went from being a Lesbian Pro-Choice Icon to a Straight…

Jane "Roe v Wade" Roe, or Norma McCorvey, was the plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court Case which, 40 years ago today, legalized abortion in the United States. A former lesbian and pro-choice icon, McCorvey is now a straight, born-again, Catholic, anti-choice activist. What the fuck happened? Since McCorvey was… » 1/22/13 3:30pm 1/22/13 3:30pm

What Did John Boehner Say to Provoke Michelle Obama's Epic Eye Roll?…

By now, most of the world has had the pleasure of seeing what will surely go down down as the most epic eye roll in world history. But what did John Boehner say to cause Michelle Obama to throw such record-breaking shade during the post-inauguration luncheon? » 1/22/13 1:40pm 1/22/13 1:40pm

Nearly a Third of Fired Military Commanders Were Canned Because of…

A recent Associated Press article, called "Sex Is Major Reason Military Commanders Are Fired," which is being picked up all over, says almost a third of fired military commanders are losing their jobs over sex. Losing your job over sex sounds kind of fun. Sounds like members of the armed services are being all that… » 1/22/13 1:20pm 1/22/13 1:20pm